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Streamlining Your Storage Unit

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Streamlining Your Storage Unit

Four Steps To Keeping Paperwork In Good Condition While In Temporary Storage

by Frank Bennett

If you are moving your office from one space to another, you may need to keep heavy amounts of paperwork stored for a short amount of time. Paperwork is one of the easiest materials to become degraded when stored in certain conditions. If you must store your paperwork during a move, you should be sure to make sure that the storage and paper is prime for keeping your materials in good condition. Here are four steps to keeping papers in good condition while making a move. 

Get a storage room near the center of a building

If you are getting a storage unit for your company, ask for a temperature controlled unit that is near the center of the building. If you stay away from exits, you can worry less about flooding getting into your unit or your unit being affected by outside humidity. Requesting a good storage unit that is based in the center of the building will stabilize the temperature of your unit, keeping irreplaceable paperwork safer. 

Consider lamination

If you have larger posters or paper that is longer or wider than average and cannot fit inside of any of your storage boxes, consider laminating these sheets. Lamination will cover the papers and posters completely with a permanent layer of tight plastic. This will keep away mold and make the paper sturdier and less easily destroyed.

Put the paperwork in plastic

If possible, keep all paperwork in filing folders that are encased in plastic. The plastic can protect the files from any drips or any moisture in the air that may cause tears, smears, or molding in the files. You can purchase plastic filing folders or you can wrap the files in plastic wrap. This should keep the files crisp and in proper condition for use when they return to the office. 

Use plastic tubs for storage

It is tempting to use cardboard file boxes in order to properly store the items. Cardboard file boxes are easier to carry and easier to stack and move. Plastic, however, is easier as far as keeping out moisture, drips, or other issues. Place all of your files inside of plastic tubs with the same labels and dividers that you would use inside of the cardboard file holders.You will likely be able to stack more files together, so assign each employee or department a certain amount of plastic tubs to fill with their files. Have the names of the owners labeled on both sides of the filing tub, so that they are easy to pick out while in a storage room.