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Streamlining Your Storage Unit

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Streamlining Your Storage Unit

How Storage Can Keep Your ATV In Working Order During The Cold Months

by Frank Bennett

Riding an ATV is a great experience for the entire family. It is also an exhilarating experience. This activity teaches you to have respect for others and the environment. However, it is important to learn how to properly ride an all-terrain vehicle.

Most people ride ATVs during the warm months. When the weather gets cooler, you are going to spend more time inside. If you are not planning on riding during the winter, then you should not leave your ATV to take up space in your driveway or garage. You can move it to a self-storage unit. This is an affordable solution that allows you to keep your recreation vehicle out of the weather. Read on to find out how to keep your ATV in working condition.

Winterize Your Vehicle

It helps to winterize your vehicle before putting it away. There are different steps for winterizing an ATV. It depends on the model and the type of engine. You can check with your owner's manual to find out the exact steps for storing your vehicle. Performing maintenance on your ATV before storage prevents damage from occurring when you're not using it for long periods.

Get A Climate-controlled Unit

Batteries can freeze in cold weather. If you leave the vehicle in storage for months during cold weather, then your ATV may not start because of a frozen battery. You can protect your vehicle by getting a climate-controlled unit. Another option is removing the battery and storing it at home.

Determine Size

Unit size is another thing to consider. You are going to need a big enough space to hold your vehicle. ATVs come in different dimensions. You should call the storage facility and tell them the size of your vehicle. Facility operators can recommend the right space for your items.

Check On Entry

The size of recreation vehicles can be a concern when you're trying to enter the facility. An ideal unit is one with roll-up doors and a high entryway. If it is an indoor facility, then you need to ask about an outside entryway. Some indoor facilities have narrow entrances and hallways. It can be hard to get an ATV inside this type of facility.

Consider Security

You should choose a secure facility. This should be a priority when you're storing a valuable item. The facility should have an alarm on each unit. It should have a fence around the facility and some type of security. These measures can prevent an outsider from driving up and breaking into your unit.

If you follow these steps, then your ATV will be in working condition for summer. Contact a company like Guardian Self Storage for more information on your self-storage options.