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Streamlining Your Storage Unit

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Streamlining Your Storage Unit

Storing A Leather Couch? Know How To Get It Ready

by Frank Bennett

Storage units are great for keeping items that you don't want in your home, but you also don't want to part with either. This could include a larger furniture item, like a leather couch, that you simply do not have room for in your home. Before you drop the leather couch off at your storage unit, know these tips for getting it ready for long term storage.

Clean The Leather

You should clean the leather material with leather conditioner and cleaner before it goes into storage. If you don't have some on hand, local furniture and hardware stores sell it. Make sure that you follow all directions found on the conditioner and cleaner, and that you cover every piece of leather on the couch. This includes the back, sides, and even leather cushions that can be removed. Apply the conditioner and cleaner using a cloth that is lint free, which will help eliminate the dust that gets onto the couch. Let the couch dry before you continue prepping it.

Take The Legs Off

The legs of a couch can become damaged when moving it, so it is best to take them off beforehand. Use a screwdriver to remove the couch's legs, and place the legs and screws into a sealed plastic bag. This will help keep all the pieces together for when you're ready to take the couch out of storage.

Use Plastic Wrap To Cover The Couch           

Accidents can happen, and if the leather rubs up against something sharp while moving the couch, it can cause a scratch that could potentially ruin your couch. It helps to get a large roll of plastic wrap from your local moving supplies store. You wrap it tightly around the couch until all of the surface is covered.

Before you wrap, place a piece of cardboard against the bottom surface of the couch. This will help protect the bottom when moving it around. Try using an extra large moving box that is cut to size.

Keep The Couch Elevated

If you store the couch directly on the floor in your storage unit, it can cause moisture to get into the couch due to the cold cement it is on. It helps to elevate the couch by placing it on a wooden pallet. It will keep airflow circulating around the bottom surface, which prevents moisture buildup.

For more tips on storing items in your storage unit, check with a self-storage facility, such as Statewide Self Storage. They can offer helpful advice for when it comes to storing common items.