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Streamlining Your Storage Unit

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Streamlining Your Storage Unit

Preparing An Antique Mirror For A Move To A New Location

by Frank Bennett

If you have an expensive antique mirror hanging from one of your home's walls and you are planning to move to a new house in the near future, chances are you will want to bring it along with you. Packing an antique glass item will need to be done with care so this breakable piece remains intact during the ride to its destination. Here are some steps you can take to decrease the chance of your mirror becoming damaged when being hauled in a moving truck or your own vehicle.

Tend To The Glass To Minimize The Chance Of Shards

It is a good idea to protect the glass portion of your mirror with tape before wrapping it for the move. Apply a piece of masking or painter's tape diagonally from corner to corner to construct a letter "X" across the mirror's glass. This will help contain shards should your mirror break, minimizing the chance of an injury as well as making it easier to clean up slivers.

Use Plenty Of Cushioning In Case Of An Impact

Place a piece of cardboard directly over the taped glass portion of your mirror. This should be cut to the exact dimensions of the glass and taped in place to secure it. This will add a bit of stability to the glass so it has less chance of breaking while being moved. Afterward, wrap the mirror in its entirety with a large piece of bubble wrap. This can be wrapped around the mirror several times for increased protection. Secure the bubble wrap using pieces of heavy-duty packing tape so the wrap does not slide off the mirror during its ride.

Contain The Mirror In The Right Enclosure For Maximum Protection

Use a sturdy cardboard box to contain the mirror. This should be a new box, as a previously used one may have damaged corrugation, which will not provide enough protection in these areas. Alternately, a wooden crate can be used to hold your mirror. A custom-made box is best.

If you decide to package the mirror on your own, add a layer of packing peanuts to the bottom of your desired enclosure before placing the mirror inside. Afterward fill any gaps with more foam pieces so the mirror does not jostle around inside the container. Secure the container with tape or a lid. Be sure to label the exterior of your container so the moving company is aware that the contents are fragile.

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