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Streamlining Your Storage Unit

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Streamlining Your Storage Unit

Tips For Storing Scrapbook Supplies

by Frank Bennett

Putting scrapbooking supplies into a storage unit can be a good solution to either free up space shortterm or even as a longterm storage plan. The issue is making sure everything stays in good condition and doesn't suffer any damage. The following guide can help you store some of the key scrapbooking items properly.


Paper and cardstock are the heart and soul of any scrapbooking hobby. Chances are you have lots of paper. The best way to store paper is laying flat, either in plastic storage tubs or in a drawer system specifically designed for scrapbook papers. Drop a pack of silica gel crystals into each storage container to ensure any moisture is absorbed, as this is the primary concern with paper items. You may also want to wrap drawers or non-airtight paper filing systems in a plastic garbage bag to further keep out moisture and any pests.


Stickers and ephemera are other popular items for most scrapbookers. Not only do you need to store these items so that they are protected from moisture, you also need to protect any adhesives. It's best to stack adhesive-backed items in layers, with a thin sheet of tissue paper between each layer. This way if adhesive becomes exposed, it won't damage other items. You may also want to use this method for items with glitter simply so the glitter doesn't get on everything. Store the stickers and ephemera in a plastic storage container to protect from moisture as well as insects, which can be attracted by the adhesive.


Glue can be especially problematic to store, because it tends to dry out. You may be able to store it short term with some planning. Stand bottles upright. Remove the lid and place a small piece of plastic wrap over the opening on the bottle. Clean out the applicator nozzle and then screw it back onto the bottle, over the top of the plastic. The plastic creates a seal, but you should still close the applicator tip. When you are ready to use the glue, simply remove the plastic wrap first.

Scissors and punches

The main concern with scissors and punches in storage is rust and corrosion. Make sure they are all fully cleaned, with any ink or dyes cleaned off. Dry each punch thoroughly and then store them in a plastic storage container that contains a silica gel packet to absorb any moisture.

Ink pads and stamps

Storing ink pads in sealed plastic bags can prevent them from drying out. This is also a good method for storing markers and gel pens. With stamps, the main concern is the rubber breaking down, which can happen in high heat. This won't be a worry in a climate controlled unit, just keep the stamps in a plastic container. If you don't have climate control, take the stamps out of storage during hot summer weather.

For more help in storing your scrapbooking supplies, talk to a storage facility in your area. Click here for more information.