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Streamlining Your Storage Unit

After I moved everything into a small storage unit down the street, I realized that I needed to think of ways to organize and simplify the space. I started looking through the things that I had, getting rid of items that I didn't need anymore, and working hard to clean up my belongings. It was a lot of work, but I was able to completely overhaul my storage experience by learning to simplify. Check out this blog for more information about streamlining your storage experience and learning how to eliminate problems along the way. You never know, making storage easier might even make you happier.


Streamlining Your Storage Unit

4 Tips For Keeping Your Family Organized During A Big Move

by Frank Bennett

Moving is a time of great change for every member of your family. It doesn't take much for the stress levels among family members to rise to a fever pitch throughout the moving process. However, the good news is there are ways to transform it into a pleasant experience. Professional movers can take the pressure off in a big way, and utilizing a self-storage company can help you control what goes immediately into your new home. Another way to make the process easier is to be organized, and these tips show you some easy ways to effectively do just that.

Use Color Coding

Assign each of your family a different color. Once each member of the family has been assigned a certain color, buy markers and large square stickers of each color. Every time each family member goes to pack their things in a box, they should affix one of the stickers to the side of the box and write a note about the contents of that box on the top and side of it. By color coding the packing process, you empower your family members to easily spot and grab their stuff. That can come in handy when you arrive at your destination.

Keep Separate Inventory

Give each family member their own notebook that should be designated for keeping track of all their possessions during the move. They can write down a basic label for each box and then proceed to record all its contents in the notebook. It's important to include every single item on the list, so things aren't left behind or misplaced. That way, it will be easy for them to find specific items after a move even if they haven't completely unpacked yet.

Start with Closets and Trunks

The best rule of thumb during a move is to start going through and packing things that you never use. If you find them useful, beautiful, or valuable to you, keep the items and pack them as usual. However, if you come across an item that holds no significant meaning to you, consider donating or selling the item. Designating certain boxes for self-storage is easier when you first identify items that you use rarely and therefore won't need immediately in your new home.

Finally, keep in mind that moving doesn't have to become a complicated or frustrating process. Simplify things by being organized from the start, and you just may find that things seem much more manageable throughout the entire process. Before you know it, you will be in your new house, and it will start feeling like home.