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Streamlining Your Storage Unit

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Streamlining Your Storage Unit

Tips For Storing Your Leather Couch In A Storage Unit

by Frank Bennett

If you need to move your expensive leather couch into a self-storage unit for an extended period of time, then it is vital that you take certain steps to protect it. Without proper protection efforts, your leather couch may crack, get scratched, or become otherwise damaged while it is being stored. To prevent damage to your luxurious leather couch, follow each of these tips:

Tip: Clean and Wax Your Leather Couch

Before you store your leather couch, first you need to clean it and treat the leather with a protective layer of furniture wax. Start by vacuuming the couch and rubbing it down with a damp cloth. Dry it thoroughly. Once your couch is clean, then you need to apply a thin layer of a high-quality leather polish. For leather furniture being stored for a while, you should only use a wax paste and not one that you simply spray on.

Tip: Wrap Your Couch in Protective Fabric

While you might be tempted to buy a large plastic tarp to wrap your couch in while it is being stored, you should not do so. Plastic does not breathe and can cause your leather couch to become moldy if there is any humidity in your storage unit. Instead, wrap your couch in old sheets or moving blankets. If your couch has wooden legs, you should wrap them in cardboard covered with fabric, or take the legs off and store them separately.

Tip: Get Some Pallets to Keep Your Couch Off of the Storage Unit's Floor

Even though your couch is well wrapped in protective fabric, you still need to place it on some pallets inside of your storage unit. The pallets will keep it up off of the ground and will ensure there is no damage to your couch caused by its contact with the moist ground. You can use either wood or plastic pallets and can inexpensively buy them at many local businesses.

Tip: Rent a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

Finally, once your couch is safely wrapped and prepared for storage, then you should only place it in a storage unit that is climate-controlled. Climate-controlled storage units are heated and cooled to avoid the extreme temperatures that can damage your valuable leather items. If your couch sits for an extended period of time in a frozen room or one that is excessively hot, then the leather will degrade and your couch will be ruined. 

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