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Streamlining Your Storage Unit

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Streamlining Your Storage Unit

Moving Model Kits Requires Special Packing Measures

by Frank Bennett

Building model kits can be a very relaxing hobby. Builders of model airplanes, cars, or classic horror and sci-fi monsters put a lot of pride in their work. Such joy is not transferred to the very mundane process of moving. One benefit to moving to a new home is the model kits provide ready-made decorations for a particular room. In order to be impressive decorations, they do need to get to the new home in the same condition they left the old home. Packing up model kits should require a delicate approach. Otherwise, the models are going to end up smashed in packing and transit.

The additional measure moving model kit lovers could do may include:

  • Put the Models in Small Boxes

Hopefully, a number of the cardboard boxes the model kits were sold in have been retained. If not, then purchasing similar small boxes is advised. The models need to be placed in these smaller boxes for a good reason. Smaller parts may fall off the model kit while in transit. The rat that fleshes out the creepiness of a Wolfman model kit may fall off, but if it falls off inside a small box, the piece won't be easily lost.

  • Wrap the Models in Tissue Paper

Before placing the model kits inside a cardboard box container, wrap tissue paper around them. The model kits certainly would not benefit from bouncing around inside the small box. Tissue paper adds a buffer while not being as abrasive as, say, newspaper. Be gentle when wrapping the model kit with the tissue paper to avoid breaking it. Once the model is placed inside the box, add a bit more tissue paper to the inside. Don't stuff the tissue too haphazardly. Being as careful as possible is recommended.

  • Place the Packed Boxes into a Trunk

A solid trunk is going to provide a lot more protection and safety than an over-sized cardboard box. A big cardboard box might be a fine selection for packing normal items, but fragile model kits should be put inside something a bit sturdier. Purchasing such a box might cost a bit of extra money, but consider doing so an investment into protecting some important sentimental items.

Inform the Moving Service

Always let a moving crew know about any special items being placed inside of the truck. An added bit of protection can be directly afforded to the box or boxes of model kits. This is a good thing since rebuilding them wouldn't be anywhere near as fun as the first time.