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Streamlining Your Storage Unit

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Streamlining Your Storage Unit

What's The Worst That Can Happen To Your Mattress In Storage?

by Frank Bennett

The mattress material may not be breakable, but that doesn't mean there is nothing that can happen to your mattress if you don't store it properly. Here is the worst that can happen to your mattress under poor storage conditions.


Most mattresses, such as the memory foam mattress, will easily distort if it's not stored properly. For example, folding the mattress in half so that it can occupy a small space can damage its internal structures and cause permanent damage. Another way in which a mattress can get distorted in storage is if you place extremely heavy or odd-shaped objects over it. You need to store the mattress without folding and ensure you don't place unnecessary things over it.


As you know, mattresses aren't that tough, and they can easily be torn up by sharp objects. Therefore, bungling your mattress together with other objects, especially those without flat surfaces, can easily lead to damage. Ideally, if you are storing the mattress together with other objects, you should place it between two objects (such as large pieces of furniture) that won't damage it.


Pests, such as rodents, ants, and termites, can also ruin your mattress completely. This is particularly true if the mattress or its covering is made from an organic material. Fortunately, most self-storage units are free from pest infestation. In fact, most pest damage occurs when owners store pest infested items in self-storage. Therefore, ensure your mattress doesn't go in with some pests into the storage unit. Sprinkling a few mothballs will also help you prevent insect damage.


Nobody wants to sleep on a musty or moldy mattress. Apart from the assault such a mattress may have on your sense of smell, it can also trigger allergic reactions or respiratory problems for you. Unfortunately, that is how you are likely to find your mattress is you store it in a moist place or don't encourage proper air circulation in the storage unit.


Mattresses stain fairly easily. What is more, the more the stains stay on the mattress, the harder they will be to remove later on. The best way to prevent stubborn stains on your mattress is to clean and dry it before storage, and then wrap it up or cover it with a protective material for the duration of storage.

Therefore, treat your mattress with kindness in storage, and it will serve you faithfully after its retrieval. A good self-storage unit can act as a safe storage place for your mattress.