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Streamlining Your Storage Unit

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Streamlining Your Storage Unit

In Limbo Between College Semesters? Take Advantage Of Student Storage Units

by Frank Bennett

As COVID-19 affects the educational system, a lot of college students are wondering whether they can return to normal semester life or if they'll need to put plans on hold. If you have a lot of furniture and belongings from previous semesters, you may be wondering what you should do with your items until you can be more certain about housing and curriculums. One good option is student storage units. Take a look at why these units can be beneficial to your demographic.

Flexible Contracts for Up-in-the-Air Needs

While some storage places may require longer contracts, places that offer student storage units typically have flexible and/or shorter contracts since students are always coming and going. Some places even offer summer storage so you don't have to pack everything up if you like to go home or travel abroad.

This type of contract flexibility is a great blessing if you aren't sure what your plans are yet with the effects of COVID-19. Instead of packing up all your belongings and taking them back home, you could rent a student storage unit near your campus so that you can refurbish a dorm or an apartment easily when things start to get back to normal.

Reasonable Pricing

Because a lot of students are on a tight budget, a student storage unit is ideal since the prices tend to be more affordable than other storage options. This means you can get larger units or units with climate control measures without breaking the bank. In fact, reach out to your college's student center for possible discounts — some colleges may team up with local storage facilities and provide discounts if you have a valid student ID. To cut costs further, the storage facility may even let you share a unit with other students.

Amenities for Students with Cars

If you use a car at school but don't want to drive it back home, you may be able to find storage facilities with car garages. This can be a great option to save on gas and save on car maintenance while you wait for classes to resume. Plus, a lot of student storage units have drive-up access, which means that when you are ready to get your belongings out of storage, you bring your car right next to your unit to load it up instead of having to rent a truck.

Reach out to a storage facility near your campus for more information about student storage units and their benefits.