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Streamlining Your Storage Unit

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Streamlining Your Storage Unit

Securing High-Value Items on Your Warehouse Pallet Racks

by Frank Bennett

Storing high-value items in your warehouse presents unique challenges. You need to ensure your inventory to be protected from both potential damage and potential theft. Fortunately, there are some ways to set up your pallet racks to keep items secure and safe from damage until they are ready to be shipped to customers of vendors. Here are some ideas to consider when setting up your warehouse pallet racks.

Wire Pallet Rack Enclosures

Wire pallet rack enclosures transform your pallets into lockable storage units. You get the benefits of an industrial shelving unit and the ability to lock up high-value items with one simple addition. Look for enclosures with hasps for padlocks to help prevent unauthorized access. The enclosures should reach from above the top shelf all the way to the floor. If possible, source enclosures with a top wire shelf to keep items stored at the top of your pallet rack secured.

Selective Pallet Racks

Selective pallet racks typically provide enough depth for one pallet of merchandise at a time. This option makes it more difficult to hide missing merchandise from your shelves, and it also works well with the above-listed enclosures. You may need to rearrange the floor space in the area of your warehouse where high-value items are stored to eliminate double-deep racks. With single selective pallet racks, you can quickly view the available inventory and make note of any discrepancies with just a quick check. 

Sign-Out Logs

Once you have your racks and enclosures set up, create a sign-out log system for your high-ticket items. Warehouse workers preparing items for shipment must fill out which items are being removed to account for all inventory. You may want to require staff to also fill out the order ticket number or other identifying information to make reconciling your inventory easy. You can use a paper sign-out system, but using a digital-based inventory tracking system with tablets or other electronic devices can increase accuracy when recording shipment movements.

Ceiling-Mounted Camera Systems

Of course, camera systems are always a great way to bolster security in your warehouse. Consider having cameras installed above each row of pallet racks throughout your warehouse, adding extras to areas with high-ticket items. You can also install wireless cameras inside the pallet rack enclosures to monitor and record movement on each shelf. This added layer of security can work as a deterrent for potential employee theft, and it also provides a record of potential break-ins you can hand over to the authorities and your insurance company.