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Streamlining Your Storage Unit

After I moved everything into a small storage unit down the street, I realized that I needed to think of ways to organize and simplify the space. I started looking through the things that I had, getting rid of items that I didn't need anymore, and working hard to clean up my belongings. It was a lot of work, but I was able to completely overhaul my storage experience by learning to simplify. Check out this blog for more information about streamlining your storage experience and learning how to eliminate problems along the way. You never know, making storage easier might even make you happier.


Streamlining Your Storage Unit

Tips For Packing Your Storage Unit For The First Time

by Frank Bennett

All set to move things into your first storage unit, but a bit confused about the best way to do it? Here are some tips for when it comes time to pack your storage unit. 

Pack Large Appliances In The Back

Do you have a very large appliance you are putting into storage? It's a good idea to put that item at the very back of the storage unit so that it is out of the way. Unless you have plans to get that appliance out of storage in the near future, it will be best to put it away from the smaller items you can move around. 

Put Heavy Boxes On The Bottom Of Stacks

Stacking boxes or bins in your storage unit should involve a bit of thought so that the stack does not tip over. You can do this by putting your biggest and heaviest boxes at the bottom of the stack. You should also try to keep the stack of boxes below your shoulder height for your own safety. As much as you want to maximize your space by stacking items to the ceiling, you do not want a box to fall down and hit you on the head while you're moving around in the storage unit. 

Label Boxes In A Uniform Way

As you put things into boxes or bins, you'll want to make sure that each one is clearly labeled with the contents on the outside of the box. Don't write it on the top of the box either, since it will be covered by the box above it. Write the contents of the box on the side so that they can all face the same way and you can read what is inside each one. 

Create A Center Aisle 

Chances are you will eventually need to get something out of a box you thought you didn't need to access. To avoid this problem, it will help to create a center aisle that runs through the storage unit so that you do not need to empty the entire unit out to get one item. 

Place Furniture Tall And Upright

Wide furniture, such as dressers or desks, should be placed upright so that they are going up to the ceiling. Keep this in mind when organizing items so that they are utilizing the height of the storage unit. However, this does not apply to mattresses, which should be stored flat to avoid damaging the springs.

For more information, contact a self-storage facility.