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Streamlining Your Storage Unit

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Streamlining Your Storage Unit

5 Important Factors To Consider When Renting A Storage Unit

by Frank Bennett

Renting a storage unit is useful in many circumstances, such as during a move or during renovations. Many people simply run out of storage space at home or at their place of business, so opt to rent a storage unit. If you are in need of some extra storage space,  before you commit to renting a unit be sure you consider the following factors first.

1. Size of unit

One of the most important considerations is size. How big does your storage unit need to be? Are you planning to continue filling your storage unit with additional items over the rental period? These are all important questions you need to answer before you rent a unit.

To get a good idea of the size of unit you might need initially, take an inventory of all the items you want to put in storage.  If possible, place all the items together and take a picture of them. This will help you to choose a storage unit that isn't too big or too small.

2. Length of storage

The longer you rent your storage unit, the more it will cost. So, try to be concrete about just how long you need to store your possessions. If you rent your storage unit with no idea of how long you'll need it, you may end up paying far more than you planned to pay. Try to set a deadline and stick to it.

3. Purpose of storage

Why are you renting the unit? If you are simply renting a storage unit for short-term storage during a move, then you can rent a typical, non-climate controlled unit. If you need to store some valuable or fragile items, such as important documents or antique furniture, then you'll need to rent a climate controlled storage unit for your things.

4. Costs involved

Make sure you get a comprehensive list of all the costs that are involved in the rental process. You don't want to get caught paying for something you thought was free.

5. Location of the unit

Do you plan to access your storage unit often?  You may want to rent a storage unit in a facility that is nearby for convenience. If you don't plan to visit your storage unit that often, then you may be able to save money by choosing a storage facility that is further away.  Whatever your circumstance, self storage is a welcome opportunity for anyone who is transitioning  or anyone needing a unit on a more permanent basis.